Sustainable development

TheSyE05 as an autority in charge of the distribution of electricity(AODE) wishes to contribute with its adherents to make the energic systems more righteous thgrouhout their remarkable behaviour of responsible and energy efficient consumers thanks to refill of electric cars public lightning , resposnible buildings and production of sustainable energy (valorisation of biomass and solar , wind , and hydraulic energy ...).

One of the first actions of the Syndicat is the will to participate to the deploying of refill stations on the territory of its concession. This competence was given to the syndicat in 2014.

Click here to see the map of the refilling stations


One out of four car trips is less than 1 kilometer and the first kilometer pollutes 4 times more than the others!

Try to move differently :

>Bike and electric bike rental
> Enjoy an accompanied bike and electric bikes  ride 
> Segway ride
>  Rent a donkey for free or accompanied hikes
> Horse and poney rides

Shuttle bus : Gares-stations de ski 05 voyageurs

Tél : 04 92 502 505
Website :

Accomodation labellised "éco label européen" :

Created in 1992, l’Ecolabel Européen is the only ecological european official label that can be used dans in all the member countries of the European Union. You can find that label at Camping le Petit-Liou 

The implication of  the Serre-Ponçon Tourist Office :

We think about reduce our impact on the environement at the Tourist Office !

To do this, it is important that the staff of the Tourist Office engage in a voluntary approach to respect the environment. In fact, we just have to adopt good practices in everyday life.

By applying simple gestures, using common sense, we limit our impact on the environment and save money by the way.

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