Saint André d'Embrun

The village of St André d'Embrun is situated on the left bank of the Durance and at the foot of the beautiful forest of Saluces and the Mount Orel.
In the past the community of Saint-André d’Embrun was known as a wine-producing area. Much of the land was used for vineyards. The sunlight and the conditions were excellent for the maturing of the grapes, hutches protected the vineyards of the wind and helped restituate the heat.
Today Saint-André d’Embrun is a dynamic community made up of thirty hamlets which punctuate the municipal territory.

Situated near the ski-resorts of Les Orres and Crévoux, it’s southwest hillside dominates the lake of Serre-Ponçon. A section of the ski-slopes of the resort of Risoul 
«La Forêt Blanche» is situated on St André’s territory.
The focal point of the village lifestyle and services (school, city hall, post office) is situated around the church, the bell tower of which is classified in conformity with the “Bâtiments de France”.


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