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Bike trails around the lake
​In the heart of the Southern Alps, you can count on more than 300 sunny days each year in Serre-Ponçon !
​Amateurs cyclists or experimented climbers, come and discover beautiful panoramas on the lake and the mountain of Serre-ponçon and enjoy a natural and sunny atmosphere.
The circuit around the lake of Serre-Ponçon

​Starting point : Savines-le-Lac
​Level : Difficult 
​Length : 94km
​Drop : 1640m

​Crossed municipalities : Sauze du Lac, Saint Vincent les Forts, Saint Jean de Montclar, Selonnet, Espinasses, , Chorges, Saint Apollinaire, Savines-le-Lac

To see :

Le site des Demoiselles coiffées, le parc de la Montagne aux Marmottes, le belvédère de Rousset, le Muséoscope du lac, le pont de Savines-le-Lac, Boscodon, its Abbaye and its forest.

Hill climbs and climbs around the lake 

​The climb of Réallon
​Starting point : Savines-le-Lac
​Distance : 11.5km
​Drop : 757m
​Maximum altitude : 1545m

​The climb of les Orres
​Distance : 15.3 km
Drop : 873m
​Maximum altitude : 1648m

​The climb of Parpaillon
Distance : 15.7km
Drop : 941m
Maximum altitude : 1858m

​Le mont Colombis
​Starting point : Remollon 
Distance : 12.0km
​Drop : 1055m
Maximum altitude : 1724m
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