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Picnic, canoe and pedal boat in Serre-Ponçon

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Are you looking for a natural, wild, unspoilt beach and turquoise water? It exists in Serre-Ponçon: at the Baie de Chanteloube! Simple pleasures, time to spend together, pedal boat or canoe outings. Hush! Keep it secret…

‘‘ It’s probably the place where I feel best, the place where I can take it all in. A unique, truly magical place to unwind: the Serre-Ponçon lake.
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The Serre-Ponçon postcard

@ Hélène Photographies

Today it’s the Baie de Chanteloube, a peaceful spot, nowhere else!
Let’s take to the winding roads, the blue skies, the sun and the Serre-Ponçon Lake : a picture postcard setting.

© Hélène Photographie

The diving bridge


From the car park, we can imagine the bridge that plunges into the turquoise water of the Serre-Ponçon Lake surrounded by the mountains. Magical show, heightened curiosity, but what is the story behind this genuine treasure?
The Chanteloube bridge is one of the main works of art created during the construction of a railway that was to link Grenoble and Barcelonette (1910-1934).
When the water is shallow, below 773 m, it is entirely visible above the Serre-Ponçon Lake and it is possible to walk or ride your bike across it.

One thing is sure, we’ll be coming back…How about you ?

© Le Naturographe

Water, toboggan and pedal boat


Our aquatic outing begins on a pedal boat with a toboggan. Children laugh, slide, jump and dive… The beautiful, wild, peaceful creeks remind us of Corsica, with a feeling of being all alone.

© Horue Movie
© Rémi Morel

Duel with a pike

On top of a rock, an angler is battling with a pike. The children are amazed. The fishing rod bends, the line tightens, the reflection of the sun on the scales, the splashing water with each movement: all the necessary ingredients for a unique moment.

The reward after the effort

The smell of the barbecue has our mouths watering. Take your pick: sausages, tourtons, fresh vegetables… our feast is ready to be shared. Pétanque, Mölkky, slackline in the shade of the pines, what fun! Or a hammock for idlers, time together surrounded by nature.

Welcome to the Caribbean

© Hélène Photographie

On the beach, our eyes drift across the immense Caribbean-like sea. Swimming in cool water, stone skimming competition, water games, small fish that tickle, we are far from the nightmarish city and the crowded beaches of the French Riviera.


© Le Naturographe

Canoeing creek adventure


The adventure starts here, off we go on our canoe. The first strokes of the paddle, the first sensations, the first fits of laughter for the whole group: a complete change of scene. Along the wild creeks that can only be reached by boat, emotions are high. We are extremely fortunate!

© Le Naturographe

Do you want to stay?


The day is drawing to a close, but we don’t want to leave the haven of comfort in this unspoilt natural setting. The area has been deserted, time for an aperitif-barbecue, pétanque, night swimming. What more could we want?

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