Free flight

Serre-Ponçon , with its sunny climate , has most of the time fvery avourable weather conditions for paragliding flight.

The aerology is soften by the lake, even if it can be windy in the valleys in summer afternoons.
​Paragliding at night is also an unique experience and you will enjoy a beautiful nocturnal panorama.


Free flight sites

« Mont Guillaume »

Labellised site FFVL. With a panoramic view on the Serre-Ponçon lake, Mont Guillaume is well known for its thermal updrafts in the morning.
Access by car : Puy Sanières, then D109 on 200 m in direction of Puy St Eusèbe (L'Eglise). In the second hairpin turn , turn right and take the forestry way GR50. On the plane towards altitude 1650, the junction to the right goes back down to takeoff. Indicated on the IGN map.
Orientation : South West . Windy in the afternoon.
Take-off : on the forestry way. Altitude : 1602 m.
Landing : Pierre Plate (altitude 1255 m).

« Costias »

05200 LES ORRES Chef Lieu
Labellised site FFVL, adapted to all levels. Panorama on Serre-Ponçon lake and the Durance valley.
Access : Chef Lieu des Orres, road to the Haut Forest, then 10 minutes of walk (exit of the hamlet on the side of the fountain).
Orientation: sud, sud-ouest. Do not flight if there is a crosswind. 
Landing : altitude 1750 m.

« Champ Froid » et « Les Drayes »

Overflight over the municipality of Chorges.
Access by car : take the direction of  "le Martouret" and " les  Andrieux ", then drive until the hamlet of Les Drayes.  Indicated on the ING map. 
Take-off : altitude 1642 m.
Landing  : in the field near the soccer stadium in the municipality of Chorges.

« Col de la Gardette » et « Col des Fourches »

Near the  aiguilles de Chabrières, a panoramic view on the valley and upon the Serre-Ponçon lake !
Pedestrian access.Free flight indicated on the IGN map .

« Les Orres Station »

05200 LES ORRES Station
Take-off at 2500 m of altitude , to overflight the mountain of Parpaillon and the Serre-Ponçon lake !
Pedestrian access : Mecanic lifts , starting point from the snow front .
Orientation : west , north west. Do not flight around east and south, it is very windy !
Take-off : 50 m under the TK "Pousterle", at the edge of the runway.
Landing :  pente école, au Chef Lieu des Orres.

« Pierre Arnoux »

Site just beyond the Serre Ponçon lake!
Access by car : in Savines-le-Lac, take the D468 then  2ème forestry road to the right until the summit of Pierre Arnoux.
Take-off :  technique, altitude 1303 m.
Landing :at the edge of  Serre-Ponçon lake : beware of the water level and the breezes at the edge of the lake.

« Serre Buzard »

Acess by car: The site is located in the hamlet of Serre Buzard.
Landing : on a field at the edge of Route Nationale 94.


Access by car  : take the D53, direction Théus, then continue on the D53, direction Colombis 
Take-off : 1 710m  
Landing : 660m

"St Vincent les Forts"

Site juste at the entry of the village
Take-off :1280m 
Landing : 810m

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