Embrun Cathedral

The Embrun cathedral is one of the most important monuments in French Alps.

It is characterized by a pyramidia steeple Lombard-inspired architecture with the alternation of black shale and white limestone.

The Cathedral served as a model for other churches in the region. You will be able to admire on the northern flank the famous porch of the Real with lions and atlantes which support main columns and small columns.The tympanum of the porch was decorated with a so-called miraculous fresco depicting the Three King.This fresco was the subject of a pilgrimage to the "Vierge des Rois" or "Vierge du Real" (Latin: Royal), which gave its name to the porch and the cathedral itself.

To see : The high altar of the eighteenth century polychrome  made of marble, chairs to preach, choir stalls, baroque altars, large organs offered by Louis XI, the large rose window of the fifteenth century and three oculi adorn the west portal.

The Saint François Chapel

Houses one of the richest treasures of sacred art in France, consisting of an important collection (nearly 500 objects), vestments of the fifteenth to the nineteenth, goldsmiths, paintings and richly illuminated manuscripts. The treasure is only accessible as part of a guided tour.

More information on guided tours  here

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